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Tuttnauer Autoclaves and Accessories

Autoclaves are an integral part of any sterilization and infection control process. Tuttnauer's autoclaves rely on steam as their sterilizing agent. These autoclaves use steam ranging from 250-273 degrees Fahrenheit in order to sterilize instruments completely. Steam sterilization is both a safe and effective means of sterilization. Whether you are looking for a factory new autoclave, or a refurbished autoclave, Tuttnauer will take care of your sterilization needs.

Why Choose Tuttnauer?

Tuttnauer has been at the forefront of the infection control market for over 90 years. Established in 1925 this brand has achieved global recognition for their sterilization equipment and autoclaves. With their devices being used in over 140 countries worldwide, serving hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and doctor's and dentist's offices, Tuttnauer is a name you can trust for your sterilization needs.