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Steam & EO Gas Sterilization Tubing

In addition to carrying new and refurbished sterilizers, Duraline Systems is your one stop shop for sterilizeration packaging.  If you cannot find the packaging you are looking for, please Contact us anytime at: 1-877-561-0500 or inquire Here.

Choose the correct sterilization tubing for your sterilizer below:  Steam or Dry Heat.    Medical-grade sealers are available in two sizes:   8" wide and 13" wide.  Both have the required 10mm wide seal.

The sterilization tubing comes in 5 different widths. Tubing is transparent on one side allowing you to identify items in each package, and superior medical-grade paper on the other that allows for sterilization penetration. Our high quality tubing comes with EO Gas and Steam Indicators for the sterilization process.

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