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Water Distillers

Duraline BioSystems, Inc. carries a full selection of water distillers ranging from the 1 gallon up to the 12 gallon distillers. These distillers will look stunning in any dental office or salon, while simultaneously offering practical benefits to your daily work life, the solution to the problems listed here:

According to the ADA (American Dental Association), dental unit waterlines have been shown to harbor, in significant numbers, a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, and protozoans.   Solution:   Water Distiller

New autoclaves and Statim® sterilizers require very pure water on a consistent basis or they will not operate properly;  they will require frequent cleaning and maintenance and could have a shortened lifespan if distilled water is not used.    Solution:   Water Distiller

All dentists should use distilled water in their dental units and autoclaves.  Bottled distilled water is heavy, it wastes employee time and it can more expensive than gasoline!    Solution:   Water Distiller

Water distillers offer a wide variety of benefits to those who frequently use water based appliances. These benefits will typically more than pay for the cost of a water distiller in no time. One main benefit is the ability to cut spending for bottled water. Another massive benefit to water distillers is having clean distilled water to use in your water based appliances which greatly increases their longevity. With these benefits you'll find yourself spending less and less on appliance maintenance and upkeep over time.

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