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Refurbished Pelton & Crane Delta Q10 Autoclave

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Pelton & Crane Delta Q10 Autoclave - Refurbished, 6 Month Parts & Labor Warranty

The Delta Q10 Autoclave is fully automatic, and offers alot for the money, including:  closed door drying, variable timed drying cycles, chamber pre-heat, electronic temperature and time controls, four automatic pre-programmed cycles, and much more (see below).

Delta Q Sterilizer

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  • Available in 8" and 10" chamber size
  • Approved for handpiece sterilization
  • Closed door filtered air drying ensures wet packs and pouches dry without compromising sterility of instruments by airborne contaminants
  • Variable timed drying cycle saves time by giving operator the flexibility to set drying time according to load size
  • Automatic chamber preheat maximizes productivity by shortening cycle times
  • Electronic temperature and time control systematically monitor sterilization conditions in chamber to ensure cycle completion
  • One custom and four automatic preprogrammed sterilization settings allow you to select the appropriate cycle according to type of load
  • Digital function display allows easy and accurate monitoring of sterilization cycles
  • Vent valve will open and the P-2 alarm will display if the chamber pressure exceeds 240 kPa
  • Safety valve opens as backup protection should the chamber pressure exceed 262 kPa
  • Chamber temperature is monitored by a surface sensor with overheat protection should the temperature of the heating elements reach 180°C
  • In case of electrical power interruption during the sterilization cycle, pressure in the chamber is automatically vented to the atmosphere and display is blank
  • Optional time/temperature recorder for office documentation is available
  • Designed and built to ASME specifications
  • 6-month parts / labor warranty for all refurbished autoclaves
  • Condition : Refurbished
  • Chamber Size : 9.9" x 17.5"
  • Door Swing : Left Side Hinge
  • Type : Steam Autoclave - Class S
  • Overal Depth : 23.8"
  • Overal Width : 19.25"
  • Overal Height : 14"
  • Type : Steam Autoclave - Class S
  • Voltage : 115V
  • Trays : 3
  • Printer : Available

Delta Q10 Brochure (download)

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