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Refurbished Ritter Midmark M11D Autoclave

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Ritter/Midmark M11D Autoclave - Refurbished, 6 Month Parts & Labor Warranty

Sterilization is easy with the Midmark M11 Autoclave.    Just a few simple steps completes the process.   Simply press the Start/Standby button and the M11 automatically fills with the correct amount of water.   Select the cycle you want and the time is set for you. Cycle time from start to finish is 28 minutes (if cold) and 18 minutes (if hot) for unwrapped cycles.

Four pre-programmed sterilization cycle controls:  

Unwrapped (132º C or 270º F for 3 minutes)
Pouched (132ºC or 270º F for 6 minutes)
Packs (121º C or 250º F for 30 minutes)
Handpiece (For sterilization of lumened devices and/or dental handpieces: 132º C or 270º F for 6 minutes).

Refurbished Ritter/Midmark M11D Autoclave

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  • Low water indicator light tells you when the reservoir level is too low
  • A door-ajar light tells you if the door is not securely closed
  • LED display shows the units temperature during heat-up and time remaining during cycles.
  • Lights turn on progressively during filling, heating, sterilizing, drying and complete stages.
  • Easy to fill and to drain water  - located at the front of the machine
  • A large capacity water reservoir means you fill it less often!
  • Four stainless steel trays come with the unit (two large, two small)
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge and electronic controls offer simple operation and reduce down time
  • 6-month parts and labor warranty!
  • Condition : Refurbished
  • Chamber Size : 11" x 18"
  • Controls : Automatic
  • Type : Steam Autoclave - Class S
  • Trays : 4
  • Tray Size : 9" x 15"
  • Tray Size : 6.6" x 15"
  • Overal Depth : 23.8
  • Overal Width : 17.8"
  • Overal Height : 17.8"
  • Voltage : 115V
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