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Refurbished Wayne S1000 Dry Heat Sterilizer

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SKU: RWS1000

Wayne S1000 Dry Heat Sterilizer - Refurbished, 6 Month Parts & Labor Warranty

A premier option at an affordable price in the world of dry heat sterilizers. The Wayne S1000 Dry Heat Sterilizer utilizes dry heat rather than relying on steam and pressure in order to sterilize instruments. The utilization of dry heat in the sterilization process leads to a longer lifespan for your valuable instruments, meaning that your business will save a great deal of money over the years. With dry heat sterilization there is no worry of rusting, pitting, dulling, or corroding of instruments. When you combine the savings of instruments costs and the affordable price of this dry heat sterilizer, the Wayne S1000 quickly becomes one of the most economically sensible purchases your business can make.

Wayne S1000 Dry Heat Sterilizer, Refurbished

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  • Condition : Refurbished
  • Type : Dry Heat
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