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Equipment and services for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of reusable medical instruments. Outstanding solutions focused on quality, safety, productivity and environmental compatibility.

Steelco can provide washer disinfectors for small practices, up to high productivity devices and full system planning service to support CSSD team Managers in customizing lay-out configuration for new or restructured projects.

Main resources have been dedicated to the development of reprocessing solutions for the most advanced surgery robotic instruments, for flexible endoscopes and, unique in the market, validated pass-through TEE probes reprocessing.

The ARES product range for endoscope reprocessing comprehends automated endoscope reprocessors, drying and storage cabinets, as well as SteelcoData full control system for traceability, remote device monitoring and data management.

Steelco DS500 CL Instrument Washer Instrument Washer Disinfector Steelco DS500 CL

Steelco DS500 CL
23.62 x 24.80 x 33.46

Price: $12,999.00