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Re-open your business with instant thermometers at Duraline Systems. Since COVID-19 thermometers have never been more vital in the workplace. Try reusable forehead thermometer strips for children, infants, or even to hand out to your employees to take their temperatures at their own desk. Forehead thermometer strips can be used more than once AND deliver accurate temperature readings in JUST 15 SECONDS! The strips change color as the temperature rises.

For a high volume of temperature readings, try our Automatic Thermometer - obtains body temperature in 1 SECOND. This no-contact touchless thermometer can be mounted on a wall, stand or a tripod. It even has an alert for high temperature readings. Great for Office, Medical Clinic, Gym, Malls, Supermarket, Home or Anywhere! K3 infrared technology.

Watch this video to see how quick the wall-mounted thermometer works! No contact. Accurate. Reliable.