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Annual Preventive Maintenance Service is recommended by the manufacture and will extend the life of your sterilizer. Ensure Safety of your Patients & Staff, ensures equipment is running at optimum performance and is in accordance with industry standards.

Maintenance Task
Standard Plan

Ultimate Plan

Electrical Safety Test
Amp Draw Check
Safety Inspection
Flush System & Replenish Distilled Water
Certification Label
Clean & Check Sensors
Replace Filter(s) & gaskets as needed
Tested with Class 5 Integrators
Comprehensive Report
Clean Reservoir, Chamber, Trays & Door
Test & Calibrate Sterilizer
Verify Temperature with Lag Thermometer
Sterilizer Fully Serviced at Duraline Facility
Includes FREE Loaner
Clean Steam Lines
Remove & Clean Condenser Coil**
Remove & Clean Valves**
Spore Tested

$299 per year*


$399 per year*

**Clean condenser coil and valves prevents downtime and emergency service calls
*Additional cost for travel applies.
(For example: maintenance in Queens, NY is $75 additional for travel). Call for your location.

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