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Class B Pre Post Vac Sterilizers

Class B autoclave sterilizers are high performance sterilizers, with the highest possible safety standards. Pre/Post vacuum sterilizers draw air from the chamber prior to the cycle.

The advantages of a pre/post-vacuum sterilizer are as follows:
  • Removal of residual air from packs and porous load and most kinds of tubes (rubber, plastic etc.) by vacuum during the first stage of the cycle.
  • More efficient steam penetration into the load; assuring effective sterilization.
  • Improved temperature uniformity throughout the chamber.
  • Better drying of materials due to the vacuum achieved in the chamber during the drying cycle.
Duraline Systems recommends the Tuttnauer Elara 11 or the Scican Bravo chamber autoclaves; both FDA-approved table-top sterilizers. The next size up for a Class B autoclave is the Tuttnauer 5075HSG, or the Steris-Amsco autoclaves.