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Automatic Table Top Autoclaves

Automatic sterilizers reduce the risk of sterilizer failure (caused by operator error) by eliminating the guesswork when operating a sterilizer. The operator simply selects the cycle that matches the instrument load they are sterilizing, and the sterilizer automatically fills, heats, sterilizes, vents, and dries - completely on its own. These autoclaves are preferred in busy offices, allowing the operator to do other more important tasks. See the Pro’s versus Con’s of Automatic and Manual sterilizers in our Learning Lab here. The autoclaves listed below are all fully automatic. Choose between chamber size, brand, and price. Most portable sterilizers are available as NEW or REFURBISHED - using the icons listed here:
Refurbished Tuttnauer Elara11 Refurbished Tuttnauer Elara11 Class B Pre Post Vacuum Autoclave

Refurb Tuttnauer Elara 11
Chamber: 11x19.8 - 5 Trays

Sale Price: $5,999.00
New Saniclave RS SC 200 Autoclave Saniclave Autoclave RS SC 200 Autoclave, FDA Approved

New Saniclave RS SC 200
Chamber: 9 x 10.5

Price: $1,699.00
Ritter-M11-Steam-Sterilizer New Ritter M11 Steam Sterilizer Autoclave M11-042

New Ritter M11
040 / -041 / -042
Chamber: 11 x 18 - 4 Trays

New Midmark Ritter M11D Ultraclave Autoclave New Midmark Ritter M11D Ultraclave

New Midmark / Ritter M11D
Chamber: 11 x 18 - 4 Trays