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Customer Testimonials

This Tuttnauer Incubator is very unique as it has a printer as well as a USB connection. As I use both methods I find this very useful.

Alexis Hayes, MD

I have been getting results in 7 days from a mail to lab company – now I get them in 20 minutes at half the price!

Sam Ericson, NP

Having results in 20 minutes means I do not have to quarantine my sterilized instruments! I can use them knowing its safe.

Nicole Hy, DDS

BI Spore Test Review

miniBio auto-reader incubator

for steam & eo gas sterilization

Product Features

Three Slots

20 Minute & 1 hour process times can be used simultaneously.

Thermal Printer

Automatic printout of negative or positive results.

Easy to Use

The small compact device has a user-friendly button interface.

Our Products

Monitor your autoclave with 20 minute BIs and an in-house incubator!

BI Starter Kit

Biological Indicator Starter Kit with MiniBio Auto Reader Incubator

Product Code: C-TMBAR-20

Includes OEM:

WTL198-0057 - MiniBio Auto-Reader Incubator
WTL198-0072 - 50 biological indicators with 20 minute readouts (for steam sterilization)

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Ultra-Rapid Biological Indicators

20 Min. Ultra Rapid READOUTS

Monitor the efficacy of your autoclave with 20-minute spore tests! Upgrade from your mail-out tests to these tests for quick results.

Product Code: BI-TUR
OEM: WTL198-0072

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