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Large Capacity Autoclaves
Duraline Systems carries state of the art large capacity autoclaves to enhance sterile processing for multi-doctor practices, surgical centers, clinics and outpatient facilities. These steam sterilizers are also popular as laboratory autoclaves, in life sciences and manufacturing. With a chamber diameter of 26 inches or more, large capacity sterilizers save time, allowing you to sterilize equipment without sacrificing quality or reliability. Some of these autoclaves can sit on a tabletop or bench top while others stand alone on the floor. Chamber volumes range from 65 liters to over 1,000 liters.

Most floor standing automatic autoclaves are available in stainless steel with single, double door and pass-through options. These include Tuttnauer 5075HSG, 44-55, 66-69 autoclave sterilizers, Priorclave's laboratory autoclaves, Steris Amsco post vacuum and pre vacuum autoclaves, and Market Forge Sterilematic steam generator large autoclaves (single door only). Read more.

Tabletop autoclaves with 65L volume or more include
Tuttnauer 3850 and 3870 models, and Pelton & Crane Magnaclaves. Find durable autoclave stands in sterilizer accessories.

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Steris Amsco 3041 Steam Sterilizer Refurbished Steris Amsco 3041 Steam Sterilizer

Refurbished Steris Eagle 3041 Steam Sterilizer Chamber Size: 24 x 36 x 48

Steris Eagle 3043 Steam Sterilizer Refurbished Steris Amsco 3043 Steam Sterilizer

Refurbished Steris Eagle 3043 Steam Sterilizer Chamber Size: 24 x 36 x 48

New Tuttnauer 3870M Manual Autoclave New Tuttnauer 3870M Manual Autoclave, Current Model

New Tuttnauer 3870M
85L (22.45 gal)
Chamber: 15 x 30 - 2 Trays

Tuttnauer recently released a new line of horizontal autoclaves in stainless steel for life sciences and healthcare applications. The Tuttnauer 5075HSG, 44-55, 66-69 models include new technology in the BacSoft Control System giving the user more control over reporting and data control. These come with 1 year parts and labor warranty. Compare Tuttnauer Large Capacity Autoclaves.

Priorclave's laboratory autoclaves feature 316L stainless steel with Biomaster® Protected Antimicrobial Surfaces, Quickseal 2 door Permission-based Door Release with thermal and pressure locks, and a Tactrol 2 system to limit user access with keyswitch or password protections. All new Priorclave steam sterilizers include a 36 months parts and labor + 20 yr pressure warranty.

Steris Amsco Steam Sterilizers are available in gravity and prevacuum configurations, Stage 3 Controls, Impact Printer, Hinged Front Cabinet Panel, Resistance Temperature Detectors, Automatic Utilities Startup/ Shutdown, Steam Bleed, Steam Purge, Internal Battery Back Up for cycle memory, and Pressure Relief Value. Compare Steris Amsco 3000 Series.

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