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RapidHeat Sterilizers
The perfect replacement for Dentronix sterilizers (now discontinued) - even accommodates Dentronix plier racks!
RapidHeat Sterilizers, manufactured by CPAC, applies High-Velocity Hot Air (HVHA) Technology evolved from NASA's early space exploration, to tabletop sterilization systems providing fast, waterless, chemical-free processing of medical instruments. Chamber air circulates at over 200 times per minute while maintaining a temperature of 375F. Choose from 4 programmed cycles: wrapped instruments, unwrapped instruments, handpiece instruments, wrapped cassettes. Fast 12 and 20-minute sterilization cycles start to finish. Each cycle is documented with infinite storage for easy retrieval at any time via USB Flash Drive. Since HVHA sterilization operates at very low wattage, you can leave the system running all day with
very little energy cost.

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