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NEWNEW Instrument Washer Disinfector Steelco DS 500 CL

NEW Instrument Washer Disinfector Steelco DS 500 CL

Featuring Steelco DS 500 CL Instrument Washer Disinfectors

  • Steelco Instrument WasherFree-standing / under-counter washer for surgical instruments.
  • Specifically designed for installations with limited space, this model is suitable for the treatment of a large quantity of all types of instruments.
  • The high-capacity chamber permits washing and hot air drying on two independent levels, which are normally seen on larger machines, allowing this device to be used for everyday needs.

The powerful cleaning and disinfecting system guarantees short programs duration that reach high level performances in terms of cleaning quality, thermo-disinfection and drying.

Includes 40 washing and thermal disinfection programs for surgical instruments: 20 standard pre-programmed cycles and 20 additional, available for customization.

What are some differences between the Steelco DS 500 and other Instrument Washer Disinfectors, such as the Scican Hydrim?

• DS500 has a much larger chamber

• DS500 will work with any detergent (SciCan only with their own very expensive product)

• DS500 can run thermal disinfection at 195F

Overall, the SteelCo washer is a much higher quality unit, and is recommended for use in high-demand sterilization centers.

Tips: Program consecutive cycles in order to recycle water. The Steelco DS 500 comes with a built-in water softener so you can used tap water.

To learn more about the new Steelco DS 500 Washer Disinfector, click here.

Steelco DS 500 CL Specifications

Steelco DS 500 CL Washer Disinfector Operating Instructions