Powered Air-Purifying Respirators for Healthcare Professionals
The PAPR Advantage: Are you ready to take it to the next level in Personal Protective Equipment?

What is a papr system?

Powered Air Purifying Respirators, or PAPRs, are air-filtration systems are battery-powered and portable, allowing you to move around while breathing clean air. The system filters out contaminants and particulates in the immediate environment to provide the user with clean filtered air, which is then powered through a breathing tube connected to a loose or tight-fitting respirator. PAPRs are versatile and utilized in a diverse range of settings. From industrial sites, welding, painting, and smelting, to healthcare settings with dentists, surgeons, and vets. Their portability, protective capabilities, and ability to be used straight off the shelf without any testing is making them a popular option across multiple industries.

PAPR Respirator Mask Options

Choose from three types of full face respirator masks or helmets. They are all anti-fog and liquid resistant, are tightly sealed and will prevent aerosols and non-filtered air from coming into contact with your mouth, nose and eyes. They are compatible with the PX5 PAPR system designed specifically for healthcare workers. Breathe Easy. Connect Closer. Move Freely.



The T200 enables you to experience true freedom of movement in your environment while relieving you of the breathing difficulties and fatigue encountered with N95 use. With a customizable internal layout, the T200 lets you adjust to your fit and to accommodate the accessories you need for your role. Designed for function, comfort, and durability, the T200 ensures your protection so you can focus on what’s in front of you. The T200 features open-ear design allowing physicians to easily use stethoscopes and hear patients and coworkers. Peel-off lenses available.


The RPB Z-Link provides ultimate versatility. With unrivaled comfort and designed to enhance the protection of both the user and patient, the Z-Link Is more than a respirator, it's part of you. The Z-Link's design features a large visor so you can experience compromised upward/downward and peripheral vision to enable you to clearly see and connect with your surroundings. The Z-Link also combines a visor that hinges open so you can easily and quickly communicate with your team and patients (as and when appropriate).

Z-Link Image



Your ability to perform your role is our priority. That’s why we’ve designed the T-Link to give you complete freedom and control in your day by creating a respirator that becomes part of you. The T-link is equipped with a padded headliner and head suspension system, relieving the user of aches and strains on their neck and shoulders through its even weight distribution. With its fully adjustable ratchet system, this ensures a personalized and secure fit for all head types maximizing stability and enabling the respirator to move with your head. Utilizing these innovative design features ensures an unrestricted range of movement combined with unrivaled comfort, so you can focus on the job at hand.