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Duraline BioSystems proudly offers top tier ultrasonic cleaners ranging from 0.5 gallon to 7 gallon capacities. Carrying only the best names in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, DuraSonic, Crest and Tuttnauer, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Purchase one of our high quality ultrasonic instrument cleaners today, or contact us to find the best solution for your office. Read More about
Ultrasonic Cleaning for a Deeper Clean
Crest BioSonic
Tuttnauer BrandMax Tri-Clean Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaning for a Deeper Clean
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment make sonic-vibrations in the water which cause tiny cavities (bubbles) to form, about the size of a red blood cell or bacteria. However, the constant vibrating puts pressure on the cavities—they are rapidly stretched and compressed. This causes the cavities to violently implode, and if they are near a hard surface, turn into jets of liquid traveling at high speeds. An object submerged in the bath is hit by these jets millions of times per second. On impact the jets dislodge particles like dust and oil from the object, giving it a superior cleaning. The cavities are very small, so despite the millions of collisions the process is gentle.

This method is often used to clean intricate objects because the cavities are small enough to get into all of the cracks and crevices, cleaning the places that we can't otherwise reach (for example, hinges of an instrument). This process guarantees one of the most thorough and comprehensive cleans possible.

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