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Infection Control

Use the proper infection control equipment to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in your healthcare facility. Duraline Systems offers high quality BioHazard products including Plasdent BioHazard Waste Bags, Plasdent Stick-on Bags, Sharps Containters, and a variety of Exam Gloves by Halyard and Aurelia. Keep your office stocked with infection control products by joining our AutoShip program. AutoShip, AutoSave, AutoStock AutoShipMetrex CaviWipes, CaviWipes1, CaviCide, CaviCide1, CaviWipes Bleach Surface Disinfectants. Medical hand soaps VioNex and VioNexus on sale.

INFECTIOUS WASTE BAGS Exam Gloves Sharps Containers Surface Disinfectants

Tip: Clean before disinfecting. Print the Surface Disinfection User Guide and post it on the wall.