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Life Science Solutions: Tuttnauer LabSci Laboratory Steam Sterilizers Series
Tuttnauer LabSci Life Science Laboratory AutoclavesThe Life Science industry has its own unique demands on sterilization. Steam sterilizers in the lab must provide high quality repeatable performance and accountability for a wide range of lab applications, including: liquids, media, glassware, instruments, clothing, waste, media clothing and laboratory items. Only the most durable, reliable and best manufacturers are considered for cutting edge laboratories with innovative project technology. Duraline proudly recommends a line of autoclaves specifically designed for laboratories manufactured by Tuttnauer, a global leader in sterilization and infection control since 1925: the LabSci Laboratory Steam Sterilizers Series. The LabSci line offers different sizes and loadings options with electronically controlled sterilizers, pre-post vacuum technology, innovative control systems, built-in printers for GLP-compliance and more.

The Tuttnauer LabSci Life Science and Laboratory Steam Sterilizers Series are manufactured in different sizes to meet the needs of all types of facilities. LabSci 9, 10 12, 15 steam sterilizers are ideal for small research labs. They are electronic, start with a single button and have 4 fully automated cycles, with custom cycles available.

For small-medium research laboratories, try LabSci 11L, 15L and 15L+
For sterilization of large horizontal objects like Bioreactors, use Vertical Autoclaves, LabSci 28L or 85L
LabSci 11L-PVGC (benchtop 28L) and LabSci 15L + WS (free-standing 85L) models offer pre-post vacuum sterilization.