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If your sterilizer is not working and you live in the greater New York Metropolitan area, call us today 877-561-0500
Certified Technician can come to your office for on-site autoclave repair


Complete the AUTOCLAVE REPAIR form for local sterilizer repair.

Duraline's shop repairs sterilizer equipment from around the globe - contact the sterilizer technicians to learn more about this process.

In addition to Autoclave Repair, Duraline BioSystems, Inc offers validation service, routine preventative maintenance and refurbishing services. The better your dental or medical equipment is maintained, the longer it will be expected to last. We have noticed in our 30+ years experience a significantly longer lifespan of an autoclave with regular annual (sometimes even bi-annual) preventative maintenance.

Validation Service

Why do I need a Validation Service? Often times we see autoclaves or a water distilling machine that have serious electrical hazards even though it is working fine. Even more commonly we see autoclaves that are not even meeting the sterilization parameters due to loss of calibration, defective steam traps and bellows valves that the customer knew nothing about. Just remember, indicator strips are not proof of sterilization!

Our Validation Service includes:
  • Electrical Safety Check
  • 20 Point Inspection
  • Spore Test
  • Service Report Documentation
  • Inspections Sticker
  • Validation Certification

Preventive Maintenance Service - View our Preventative Maintenance Plans
Why do I need a PM Service? Sterilizer Maintenance is crucial to the longevity and reliability of your sterilizer. We see machines in our shop every day that need costly sterilizer repairs that easily could have been avoided. Worn gaskets, clogged filters and leaking valves are usually the cause of catastrophic failure with autoclaves. The cost of this annual service is minimal compared to the cost of emergency sterilizer repair service and down time at your facility. If your autoclave is used very heavily we would recommend this service bi-annually.

Our Preventive Autoclave Maintenance Service includes:
  • Validation Service
  • Perform Complete Cleaning
  • Clean & Check all Filters, Sensors, Seals and Valves
  • Replace Worn Parts as need
  • Test & Verify Calibration
  • 10 Point Mechanical Inspection
  • 90 Day Labor Warranty

What does it mean to refurbish an autoclave? Unfortunately there is no definitive answer and therefore not everyone creates refurbished autoclaves equally! Through years of experience, Duraline has raised the bar for refurbished equipment and is a leader in producing quality refurbished sterilizers in a consistent manor. At Duraline, every refurbished autoclave must meet or exceed OEM specifications, look like new and pass a 30 Point Quality Control Inspection. That’s why we can confidently back our equipment with 6 Month Parts & Labor Warranty!

During Refurbishing Maintenance Service, we:
  • Disassemble and clean entire unit
  • Recondition Chamber & Reservoir
  • Replace all Wear & Tear Parts
  • Test all Major Components & Replace if necessary
  • Sand Blast & Repaint Cover and Frame as needed
  • Perform Full Calibration
  • 30 Point Quality Control Inspection
  • 6 Month Parts & Labor Warranty