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Water Distillers - The Best Choice for Clean, Chemical & Mineral Free WaterWater Distillers - The Best Choice for Clean, Chemical & Mineral Free Water

Water Distillers - The Best Choice for Clean, Chemical & Mineral Free Water

Water Distillers
remove impurities from tap water by boiling the water and converting the steam back into liquid water. Once the water goes into the water distiller machine’s clean container for removal, the high quality water can be used for appliances, medical equipment or for drinking. Browse our selection of Water Distillers

Like other decontamination techniques, water distillation is a very old method to remove minerals, trace elements and other contaminants from hard water. In fact, water distillers are a truly green method of producing clean water because it mimics nature’s hydrologic cycle to purify the earth’s water every day!

How Does A Water Distiller Work?

A water distiller processes water in a few simple steps to transform the water into its different forms:

Non-distilled water is fed into the water distiller’s boiling chamber
The water boils in the chamber to produce steam
The steam rises from the boiling chamber and is moved to the distiller's attached vent
Contaminants are left in the boiling chamber to be cleaned after the process has completed
The steam in the vent moves to the condenser’s coiled tube where it is cooled by the distiller’s fan or cold water
As the steam condenses, liquid water forms
Finally, the purified liquid water is moved to a separate container for use
Who Uses Water Distiller Machines?

The simple answer is that everyone can use water distillers if they want to produce pure water for a multitude of purposes. Here are a few examples:

Personal Use: Many consumers use a personal water distiller to have clean water to drink and cook with. Water distillers are a great economical solution to purchasing bottled water which increases the carbon footprint and actually contains just lightly filtered tap water.
Tattoo Artists: Recently, the FDA issued a voluntary recall on a tattoo ink that is pre-mixed (with water). Many tattoo artists use commercial water distillers to mix their inks in a safe way to avoid adding any impurities to their tattoo inks.
Medical Professionals: Dentists, veterinarians, doctors and other medical professionals utilize water distillers to protect patients from microbiological and chemical impurities.
Why Do I Need a Water Distiller?

The number of chemicals that appear in tap water is only increasing, which can wreak havoc on appliances, medical supplies--and our bodies.

As sterilizer experts, Duraline Systems offers Tuttnauer water distillers to pair with our steam sterilizers that all require distilled water to run. Additionally, water distiller machines are perfect for those who want to lower their consumption of disposable, one time use water bottles that increase the plastic in landfills.

Contact us today for help selecting a Tuttnauer distiller or for sterilizer repairs!