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Brand Spotlight: TuttnauerBrand Spotlight: Tuttnauer

Brand Spotlight: Tuttnauer

Tuttnauer is one of the most popular autoclave manufacturers across several different industries. For 90 years, the brand has maintained its position as a top supplier of infection control equipment and in particular, its popular autoclaves.

Since its start in 1925, Tuttnauer has remained a family-owned business and is now headed by Ran Tuttnauer as CEO. The company has long worked with research institutions and universities to discover and provide new solutions to the healthcare and life science industries. With an esteemed reputation as an industry leader, Tuttnauer also acts as a consultant to help researchers and universities alike devise the best plans and sterilization policies. These policies turn into infection control standards that live on to influence future laws and studies, both nationally and globally.

At Duraline BioSystems, we believe it is important to provide only the best sterilization equipment. Duraline carries tabletop manual and automatic Tuttnauer autoclaves that are great for your dental practice, tattoo shop, veterinary clinic or college laboratory. Furthermore, if you are interested in a Tuttnauer water distiller or Tuttnauer ultrasonic cleaner, we carry a wide variety and can assist you in finding the best product for you.

Although there are many different Tuttnauer sterilizers to choose from, Duraline can help you find the right sterilizer for your infection control needs. Contact us, the sterilizer experts, for more information about Tuttnauer’s products,
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