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Autoclave Trade-In Program

At Duraline, we are often asked about our Cash4Clunkers trade-in program because it is so unique in the autoclave sterilizer industry. Cash4Clunkers means exactly that— Duraline will give cash for a used sterilizer towards the purchase of a new autoclave or refurbished sterilizer.

Interested in our trade-in program?
Keep reading for more common questions we get from our customers.

Do you accept any sterilizer in the trade-in program? Duraline takes most tabletop sterilizers.

Does my sterilizer have to be in working condition?
No, Duraline will take working and non-working sterilizers.

How much will I receive for trading in my used autoclave or sterilizer?
The trade-in value depends on the model and condition. Please contact us with this information so we can determine this for you.

Here is a range of what dollar amounts you can expect to receive for your trade-in:

Sterilizer Make/Model Junker Non-Working Working Very Good
Pelton & Crane OCR Autoclave


300 400 500
Ritter/Midmark M11 Ultraclave 400 800 1200 1800
Ritter/Midmark M9 Ultraclave 300 650 800 1200
Scican Statim 5000 Autoclave 350 600 1000 1500
Tuttnauer 1730 ValueKlave 100 300 500 700
Tuttnauer 3870EA Autoclave 1000 2000 3000 4000
Tuttnauer EZ9 Autoclave 300 800 800 1100

Will you give more money for a sterilizer in very good condition?

We sure will! If you provide us with photos we’ll let you know our top dollar.

How will I get my sterilizer to Duraline?

Duraline has a very simple shipping process. We will send you a return tag with your newly purchased sterilizer and you will use the same packaging to get the old sterilizer back to us.

Who pays for the return shipping?

The return is provided by Duraline Systems at no cost to you.

If my sterilizer is not worth anything will you dispose it?

The correct disposal of sterilizers is very important to us as a green company, so Duraline will do this in an environmentally safe way at no cost for you.

What are some of the benefits of trading in a sterilizer?

As you can probably tell, we are huge supporters of our Cash4Clunkers program! Here are three reasons why you should be too:

1. It’s GREEN! Go green and keep your old sterilizers out of wasteful landfills
2. It’s ALTRUISTIC! Your trade-in allows Duraline to provide low cost preowned sterilizers to third world countries, non-profit organizations, and low income communities.
3. It’s COST EFFECTIVE! Trading in your sterilizer not only saves you money, but it also saves storage space or the hassle of finding a new home for your old sterilizer

Send us an email with a picture of the autoclave you want to trade-in or fill out our contact form to get started today.