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$500 Rebate with the Purchase of a T-Edge Autoclave or a TIVA8 Washer

Effective: May 22 - March 31, 2024

Did you know T-Edge autoclaves include include customizable programs and come in both Class S and Class B sterilization types? Read about the T-Edge autoclave new technology and capabilities.

Features and Benefits of T-Edge autoclaves:
  • Larger chamber capacity, 5 trays & shorter cycle times - 25 min. unwrapped cycle time including drying!
  • User-friendly touchpad & control panel
  • Advanced WiFi & traceability options
  • Available in 10” & 11” Chambers

Why to Invest in a TIVA8
Dental and medical practices need strict cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of instruments before they can be used on patients. Thermal High Disinfection employs moist heat above 1940 for a minimum of 5 minutes to kill bacteria and viruses in the washing phase. The TIVA line features:
  • Thermal High Disinfection to achieve a complete decontamination cycle.
  • Minimizes consumption and operation costs while maximizing sustainability
  • Improves user experience with an advanced control system and an easy to use interface
Is Your Instrument Washer Cleaning Effectively?