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DuraSonic Ultrasonic CleanersAt Duraline, we specialize in offering the complete "clean to sterile" package. We cannot over emphasize that "If its not cleaned, it cannot be sterilized". Included in instrument processing, Duraline recommends using an ultrasonic cleaner or instrument washer to professionally clean the instruments prior to sterilization. We now offer bench top DuraSonic cleaners, available in 9 different sizes ranging from 1/2 gallon to 6.6 gallon units.

DuraSonic ultrasonic instrument cleaners are manufactured IN THE USA by a manufacturer founded in 1998 as an engineering consulting company. The manufacturer is now a premier and global supplier of stock and custom-made ultrasonic cleaning systems, parts degreasers, and ultrasonic cleaning systems for business and home use. Browse digital ultrasonic cleaners for sale here today.