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Wash Monitors

Purchase WashCheck Monitors to prove the effectiveness of your washers disinfectors. Experts recommend placing a WashCheck on every level of your cart and running tests daily. WashChecks Monitors and Holders are available for AutoShip. Holders are re-usable.

Is your Instrument Washer Disinfector Cleaning Effectively? Can You Prove It? Are Your Patients and Staff at Risk? Read more in our
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WashChecks-Monitor-Holder WashChecks Holder for Washer Disinfector Monitoring and Ultrasonic Cleaners

WashChecks® Holder for Instrument
Washer Disinfector Monitors

Price: $29.00
washcheck-monitors WashCheck Monitors for Instrument Washer Disinfectors

WashChecks® Monitors for Instrument Washer Disinfectors

Price: $169.00

Download WashChecks Cleaning Monitor Instructions
WashChecks beat the competition! Read the study online