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EO Gas Sterilization

Anprolene EO Gas Sterilizers offer the most affordable and versatile low temperature sterilizers, a system that healthcare facilities around the world have trusted for over 40 years.The Anprolene system has always offered the most gentle 100% EtO sterilization cycle on the market: room temperature sterilization (minimum 68°F), no steam injection, no deep vacuum, and only 17.5 grams of gas. This is the most inexpensive and versatile low temperature sterilizer available

AN EO Gas 4 Sterilizer AN EO Gas 4 Sterilizer

AN EOGas 4
Chamber: 3.6 cu ft
NEW $38,895

Price: $38,895.00
Anprolene AN74J EO Gas Sterilizer Anprolene AN74J EO Gas Sterilizer

Anprolene AN74j EO Gas
Chamber: 29.25x18x12.5
NEW $8,899

Price: $8,899.00
AN74ix EO Gas Sterilizer AN74ix EO Gas Sterilizer

Anprolene AN74ix EO Gas
Chamber: 29.25x13.75x12.75
NEW $7,499

Price: $7,499.00
AN74i EO Gas Sterilizer AN74i EO Gas Sterilizer

Anprolene AN74i EO Gas
Chamber: 19.5x13.75x12.75
NEW $6,899

Price: $6,899.00