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About Duraline Systems, Inc.

Sterilizers from a Trusted Source Today! It’s not just our purpose, it’s our promise!

Duraline BioSystems, Inc. is proud to be part of a huge global effort to keep the world safer; the sterilization market is to reach $17 billion by 2024, growing at 8% each year! (See stats here). This is the result of increased knowledge and awareness of the general public and health-care providers recognizing the importance of correct reprocessing of instruments - and the devastating results of improper use or methods of sterilization!

Our team understands how important it is to have your sterilizer performing accurately and effectively. We understand when a sterilizer is down this causes your practice to not only lose money, but can cause chaos and embarrassment in cancelling patients! We understand what a failed spore test result can do to your office! We also understand that – when a sterilizer fails, the customer needs a working sterilizer immediately – which is why we keep over 30 new sterilizers and over 40 refurbished sterilizers on the shelves at all times!

Duraline has been the Trusted Source for sterilizer sales and service since the company began in 1992. In the beginning two brothers (Allen & Paul Walker) became partners establishing a sterilizer repair company for the NY Metro Area. Today, 26 years later the ownership has moved on to the next generation. The new owner Craig Walker sold his previous company, ATS – Autoclave Testing Service, Inc. to a publicly traded company in 2016. After 24 years of working in the spore testing company, his background on sterilization brings unparalleled experience to Duraline. With 115 years of combined experience in the sterilization field, Duraline offers technical help that is hard to match. Hands-on experience means we understand the customer’s needs, and can assist with procuring a sterilizer that fits their offices’ demand and space. And speaking of office space, in 2017 we advanced our product line to include 21st century all-steel cabinetry for sterilization centers and operatories. Along with this, a whole team of designers that provide 3D renderings of your new office space.

Our autoclave repair facility located in West Nyack, NY (35 minutes from Manhattan) where our repair assembly line repairs hundreds of sterilizers every month. We offer SAME DAY DELIVERY of free loaners within the NY/NJ metro area with emergency service calls scheduled within hours of your call. Our clients are located across North America, and include dental & medical practices, ambulatory surgery centers, pharmaceutical facilities, veterinary hospitals, correction facilities, hospitals and much more. At Duraline we provide outstanding customer service putting our clients’ needs first. We offer warranties on anything we service or repair. Our customers are offered a trade-in value on aged or broken equipment towards the purchase of a refurbished or new unit. Call today 1-877-561-0500 to receive a quote or estimate and experience the integrity of our staff. We look forward to providing you with a sterilizer from Duraline – the Trusted Source Today! Contact Us Online