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5 Ways to Select the Right Laboratory SterilizerFive Ways to Select the Right Laboratory Sterilizer

5 Ways to Select the Right Laboratory Sterilizer

An autoclave/sterilizer is the most important element of instrument processing. Buying sterilization equipment can be expensive, so be sure to invest in the correct autoclave or sterilizer.

Selecting the Right Laboratory Autoclave Sterilizer

1. What size do you need?

This depends greatly on how much space you have in your sterilization area for a sterilizer. Secondly, you want to choose the size that will accommodate your load’s size. For example, the length of your longest instrument or the size of surgical pack will determine how deep and/or the volume of the chamber.

2. What are your sterilization requirements?

Different instruments need different types of cycles in order to be considered sterilized. There are two types of autoclaves that may work best for your application: pre-vacuum autoclaves and gravity autoclaves.

Think of pre-vacuum autoclaves as vacuums sucking out the air from its chamber and load so that the steam can properly penetrate your load’s items. Pre-vac models are great for porous items. Conversely, gravity autoclaves are for sterilizing nonporous equipment and liquids.

3. Do you want a new or used sterilizer?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question because it depends on what you are financially comfortable with. Autoclaves can last for several decades, so if you can afford a new autoclave, it is well worth this initial investment.

However, if you are dealing with a more constricted budget, a refurbished autoclave is a viable way to obtain a safe and working autoclave. Regardless of whether you decide on a new or used autoclave, you’ll want to check your products’ warranty.

Does the warranty cover both parts and labor, and how long does the warranty last are two questions you’ll want to have the answer to before purchasing. For example, Duraline Systems has a six month parts and labor warranty for refurbished sterilizers and a 1-2 year for new sterilizers.

4. Can you easily obtain replacement parts?

If you plan to keep your autoclave for a long time, it’s a good idea to choose an autoclave that has cost-effective generic replacement parts that you can purchase as needed down the line.

5. How do you find a trustworthy seller online?

Today it’s very common to order autoclaves and other sterilizers online, but it can still be difficult finding a vendor you trust.

That’s where Duraline comes in. For over 20 years, we have worked with sterilizers and other medical equipment to spore test, repair sterilizers, rent autoclaves and sell sterilizers. With us, you won’t need to deal with multiple businesses for repairs and parts because we have the experience to take care of it all.

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