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Ultrasonic Cleaner Monitors
WashChecks® Monitors & Reusable Holders for Monitoring the Wash Process in your Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Check the effectiveness of the wash process in your ultrasonic cleaner with washer indicators that provide a consistent monitor on a routine basis. When cleaning conditions are effective, test soil on monitor is dissolved. The test soil (blue dot) simulates human blood and tissue debris. The removal of all test soil indicates effective cleaning.
WashChecks U Ultrasonic Cleaning Monitors WashChecks U Ultrasonic Cleaning Monitors

WashChecks U Indicators Ultrasonic Cleaner Monitors
$89/bag of 50 monitors

Price: $89.00
50 monitors per bag
Ultrasonic-Cleaner-WashChecks-Monitor-Holder WashChecks Holder for Ultrasonic Cleaner Monitor Indicator

WashChecks® Holder for Ultrasonic Cleaner Monitors

Price: $29.00