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EO Gas Sterilizers FDA-cleared for medical use

If you are in the medical field, then these are for you! Now all facilities can achieve hospital-level sterility assurance (10-6 SAL) at a reasonable price point with the AN75 and EOGas 4 sterilizers. The AN75 series has 2 hour aeration cycles and is available in two sizes: the compact AN75i is 19.25″L x 13.75″W x 12.75″H (ideal for smaller offices) while the AN75j is larger in size 29.25″L x 17.75″W x 12.5″H. This "jumbo" model is recommended for general use, endoscopes, and long instruments; facilities that use their sterilizer intensively.
The EOGas 4 is the only sterilization system cleared by FDA 510(k) for terminal sterilization of duodenoscopes & colonoscopes. This unit boasts four cycles with active aeration in the same cabinet – the fastest being just 3.5 hours, including aeration.

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