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 eo gas sterilizer faqEO Gas Sterilizer FAQ

EO Gas Sterilizer FAQ


Customers often ask what the difference is between EO Gas and Hydrogen Sterilizers. To better answer these questions we compared the EOGas4 Sterilizer and the hydrogen sterilizer made by Steris.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the advantages of EO Gas 4 sterilizer over a hydrogen sterilizer, such as Steris?
EO Gas 4 is more affordable, less expensive, and more efficient to run and maintain the equipment.

Here is a breakdown of the costs of the EO Gas 4 Sterilizer:

EO Gas 4 Cost Per Cycle

Product Description Cost Per Cycle
1004.16 Series 4 - 17.6cc $ 300.95 $ 18.81
Each refill kit contains liner bags, gas cartridges, dosimeters and humidichips
85.00 Exposure Indicator Strips - 200 $ 43.80 $ 0.22
86.00 Package Closure Exposure Indicator Tape - 200 $ 43.80 $ 0.22
2203.00 Biological Indicator - 25 $ 65.50 $ 2.62

2. Does EO Gas have any negative affect on plastic parts during sterilization?

The EO Gas 4 sterilization process will not have any negative affect on plastic parts. Our sterilization method is designed for delicate material and will not show deterioration due to Eto sterilization. NOTE: A notable con to the Steris is the high risk of exposure to hydrogen peroxide and the risk of chemical burns. Also as dealing with harsh chemicals, they have been known to damage the equipment.

3. Can EO Gas sterilize lumens that are 12cm long?

EO Gas is suitable for sterilizing lumens and there are fewer limitations of what you can sterilize with Eto.

4. How long is each cycle?

This depends on what you are trying to sterilize (material, size of item, and size of load). In general a 3.5 or a 5 hour cycle is usually sufficient. Using the biological indicators is a great way to tell what cycle time they can use.

We are happy to provide a better answer but would need more information. To contact us directly, please email [email protected] or call 1-877-561-0500

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