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UV Decontamination
Use ultraviolet light to decontaminate and disinfect your facility.

What is a UV Decontamination Chamber?
UV Sterilizers use ultraviolet light to eliminate DNA cross-contamination in forensic laboratories, pharmaceutical, veterinary and dental applications. Decontamination practices typically call for UV light in the wavelength of 254 nanometers and direct exposure of the surfaces for a period of 90 minutes to ensure all DNA and microbes have been eradicated. The maximum distance from the contaminated surface is recommended to be no more than 10 cm and must be directly above the item to be effective. Simple light fixtures fitted with UV lights are not sufficient to ensure DNA decontamination. The light emitted often does not directly impact all surfaces of every piece of equipment being treated and the intensity of light exposure is not enough to ensure full decontamination.