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Hand Sanitizer, Hand Wipes & Hand Soap
Hand washing and hand sanitizing has never been so important. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the need for effective hand soap and hand sanitizers continues to grow. The CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol to avoid getting sick and spreading germs: "Many studies have found that sanitizers with an alcohol concentration between 60–95% are more effective at killing germs than those with a lower alcohol concentration or non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers 16,20. Hand sanitizers without 60-95% alcohol 1) may not work equally well for many types of germs; and 2) merely reduce the growth of germs rather than kill them outright." (Read the full article at www.cdc.gov)

VioNexus Antimicrobial Foaming Soap 1 Liter 10-1900 VioNexus Antimicrobial Foaming Soap 1 Liter 10-1900

VioNexus™ Antimicrobial Foaming Soap
1 liter, 6/case

Price: $235.64 per case