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Respirators & PAPR for better protection

Respirators & PAPR Systems
Don't be nervous about going to work. Protect yourself with high performance Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs). Respirators have come under excessive demand, making it difficult to source conventional N95s and surgical masks. Because of this, and a genuine need to be better protected from contaminants, people have been utilizing loose-fitting respirators with PAPRs for their respiratory protection in environments not previously seen. Duraline recommends PX5 PAPR by RPB Safety, with two reusable full face and covering options. The Z-Link and T-Link masks guarantee comfort, ease of use and functionality. Try the Z-Link Respirator Mask with a visor to uncover your face when needed, or the T-Link Respirator Mask for a lightweight head suspension system.

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What is a PAPR system?

Powered Air Purifying Respirators, or PAPRs, are air-filtration systems are battery-powered and portable, allowing you to move around while breathing clean air. The system filters out contaminants and particulates in the immediate environment to provide the user with clean filtered air, which is then powered through a breathing tube connected to a loose or tight-fitting respirator. PAPRs are versatile and utilized in a diverse range of settings. From industrial sites, welding, painting, and smelting, to healthcare settings with dentists, surgeons, and vets. Their portability, protective capabilities, and ability to be used straight off the shelf without any testing is making them a popular option across multiple industries.

What Are Air-Purifying Respirators?