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How To Spore Test Your Autoclave

There are three ways to spore test your autoclave.

  1. Mail it out weekly/monthly to a spore test lab and get results (usually takes 1-2 weeks)
  2. Do it yourself in your own office, using a small spore test ampoule (aka biological indicator). Get results in only 20 minutes, and is 100% accurate and FDA-approved.
  3. Do it yourself also in your own office, using a small spore test ampoule (aka biological indicator). Get results in 10-hours. Also 100% accurate and FDA-approved!

Here are advantages / disadvantages of both methods:

Why is the risk so low with in-office spore testing?

With near instant results, your staff will know if the instruments were properly sterilized and are safe to use on patients.
You don't need to wait, which increases turnaround time for use of the instruments while minimizing human error and prevents mistakes by using tools that may not be 100% sterilized.

Does your team wait until they receive spore test results in the mail BEFORE using the tools that were sterilized?

If not, then your practice may be compromised for lack of compliance, and possibly using non-sterile instruments on patients.

If your staff does wait to receive results from the lab in the mail for spore tests, there is still the increased chance of human error and risk of contamination. Are sterilization loads properly recorded, packaged and stored in a secure place? Can you track what instruments belong to which lab result? Some companies use advanced Sterilization I.D. Labeling Systems like Labelex to record Load # with date/time stamps to track these, but there is also of holes in pouches or improper recording.

20-Minute Results In-Office



Tuttnauer MiniBio Auto-Reader and 1 Box of Steam Ultra-Rapid Biological Indicators with 20 Minute Results 50 per box

Starter-Kit Tuttnauer MiniBio Auto-Reader

Included with kit:
20 Minute Steam Ultra-Rapid Biological Indicators, 50/Box,

(Replaces mail-in spore testing! 100% accurate!)

$1,258 per kit

Ultra Rapid Self-Contained Biological Indicator for Steam, 20 Min Results, 50/box

Ultra-Rapid Biological Indicators for Steam Sterilizers, 20 Minute Results, 50/box

$270 /box of 50

10-Hour Results In-Office



SteriCheck Digital Incubator Starter Kit with 10 Hour Biological Indicators

SteriCheck Digital Incubator Starter Kit for Steam Sterilization

Included with kit:
10 Hour Biological Indicators, 100/Box, 1

Steripen Sterilizer Chemical Indicator Pen, 1
Autoclave LogBook for Steam Sterilizers, 1

$530 per kit

10 Hour Biological Indicators -100/Box

10-hour Biological Indicators for Steam Sterilization, Refills, 100/box

$299 /box of 100

Mail-To-Lab Spore Testing



Duo Spore Biological Indicator Test with Culture Service

Duo-Spore® Biological Indicator Test with Culture Service for Monthly, Bi-Weekly or Weekly monitoring of Steam, EtO Gas and Dry Heat Sterilizers. Results within 48 hours after the indicator arrives in the lab.

$357 /kit of 12 ests

Chemical Indicators (Test each cycle)



Class 5 Moving Front Chemical Integrator for Steam sterilization, 250/pack

Class 5 Moving-Front Steam Integrators, 250/bag

Class 5 Moving Front Chemical Integrator for Steam sterilization processes between 118°C and 138°C, Sterilization conditions are met if into "Accept" area,

$49 /bag of 250

Class 4 Chemical Indicator for Steam sterilization, 250/bag

Class 4, 8 inch Chemical Indicator Strip, 250/box (can be divided to make 500)

Multi-parameter Class 4 Steam Chemical Indicator printed with reactive ink for Steam sterilization processes

$29 /box of 25