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Class 5 Moving Front Chemical Integrator for Steam sterilization, 250/pack

Class 5 ​Moving front Chemical Integrator for Steam sterilization, 250/pack


Price: $49.00

Product Code: C5-INTG-S

Description Technical Specs Literature
Class 5 Moving Front Chemical Integrator for Steam sterilization processes between 118°C and 138°C, Sterilization conditions are met if into "Accept" area, 250/pack

Control of Steam sterilization processes between 118 °C and 138 °C.

Product code: C5-INTG-S

  • Global Compliance:
    • Type 5 Chemical Integrator adhering to ISO 11140-1:2014 standards for reliable monitoring of steam sterilization processes.
  • Versatile Sterilization Monitoring:
    • Designed to chemically react with critical parameters, providing independent monitoring for various sterilization cycles, including Gravity Displacement and Dynamic Air Removal (Vacuum Assist).
  • Wide Temperature Range:
    • Monitors steam sterilization processes between 118 °C (244.4 °F) and 138 °C (280.4 °F) internationally and specific cycles within the United States.
  • Moving Front Technology:
    • Features a moving front chemical indicator with a dark bar migrating along a paper wick, visible through an ACCEPT or REJECT zone, ensuring easy interpretation.
  • Calibrated Integration Condition:
    • Integration condition calibrated with a 106 Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC® 7953 spores population, providing a reliable indicator of successful sterilization.
  • Single-Use Design:
    • Single-use indicator with a special paper wick and a steam and temperature-sensitive chemical pellet in a paper/film/foil laminate, promoting hygiene and safety.
  • Practical Extender Version:
    • Optional extender version aids in retrieving the indicator from pouches/packs, enhancing user convenience.

Instructions for Use:
Open the package carefully and use the indicated number of indicators, resealing the package tightly.
Place an Integron® IT26-C indicator in each sterilization item in the most inaccessible area to the sterilizing agent.
Conduct the sterilization cycle.
After completion, verify that the dark bar reaches the ACCEPT zone; otherwise, reprocess items and use a new indicator.

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