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RapidHeat SterilizerHow To Wrap Instruments for RapidHeat Sterilization

RapidHeat Sterilizers reach the high temperature of 375° F whereas steam autoclaves typically operate between 250-273° F so the same labeling and packing materials used for steam sterilization will most likely not withstand the higher temperature of dry heat sterilization. RapidHeat RH-Pro9 and RH-Pro11 include a "wrapped" instruments program cycle, so what are the best products to withstand 375° F temperature? What packaging and storage options will prevent sterile instruments from being cross-contaminated? Here are four methods recommended by Duraline Systems:

Nylon PouchesSelf-Seal Nylon Pouches

Clear, transparent bags specifically designed to withstand extreme heat up to 420° F. Pouches have built-in adhesive tape (eliminates the need for a heat sealer). Notched pouch for ease of opening after processing. These are available in six different sizes and include external Class 1 chemical indicators. See Sizes

Dry Heat Sterilizer Bags

Steri-SURE™ Dry Heat Sterilizer Bags

Medical grade paper bags include chemical indicator (azure strip turns brown when exposed to high temperature) and special self-seal safety closure. One size: 2.5" x 1.5" x 10.5"

Sterilization Wrap for RapidHeat Sterilizers
Sterilization Wrap for Dry Heat Sterilization

New heat resistant sterilizer wraps and tape allows for the succesful sterilization of instruments in paper-wrapped cassettes. Choose from 2 sizes of wraps: 15" x 15" or 20" x 20"

How to Wrap and Tape Cassettes for RapidHeat Sterilizers

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