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Tuttnauer LabSci 15L Benchtop Autoclave 65L or 17 gallon laboratory steam sterilizer

Automatic Electronic LabSci Benchtop Autoclaves Tuttnauer LabSci 15L

​For tools/instruments, glass, textiles/clothes, liquids, media/plastics

Product Code: NTLABSCI15

Description Technical Specs Literature
Tuttnauer LabSci 15L Benchtop Autoclave 65L or 17.2 gallon laboratory steam sterilizer for life science
Chamber Volume: 65L or 17 gallons

WARRANTY: 2 years parts & labor

The LABSCI 15L is part of Tuttnauer's Laboratory Steam Sterilizes Series and Life Science Solutions. This autoclave provides a fast, safe, dependable and convenient means of sterilizing instruments, glassware and garments. Plug & play - no plumbing required. Designed to autoclave wrapped, unwrapped, glass and tools. Not suitable for liquids. Sterilization time up to 99 minutes.
The LABSCI 12 offers closed door drying, standard printing and a wide selection of temperatures to cover the needs of the modern labs. Click to view loading capacity for Erlenmeyer flasks and Schott-Duran flasks.

Features & Benefits:
Temperature selection from 105° to 1370C (221° to 2790F)
Includes trays and stand
In-line particle filter to protect valves
Electronic pressure and temperature sensors
Low Water Alarm - sounds when reservoir needs to be refilled.
Standby Heating - keeps chamber warm for quicker cycles
Built In Printer - Provides a printed summary at the end of each cycle, documenting temperature, elapsed sterilization and drying time, selected cycle number, real time and date, as well as any errors or interruptions that may occur during the cycle.

Advantages of Tabletop LabSci 15L Autoclaves
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to operate
  • Saves Space
  • No plumbing required
  • Fast processing

Tuttnauer LabSci Benchtop Sterilizers - Horizontal Loading, convenient for tabletops

Product CodeModelTools/instruments

The Tuttnauer LabSci Life Science and Laboratory Steam Sterilizers Series are manufactured in different sizes to meet the needs of all types of facilities. LabSci 9, 10 12, 15 steam sterilizers are ideal for small research labs. They are electronic, start with a single button and have 4 fully automated cycles, with custom cycles available.

For small-medium research laboratories, try LabSci 11L, 15L and 15L+
For sterilization of large horizontal objects like Bioreactors, use Vertical Autoclaves, LabSci 28L or 85L
LabSci 11L-PVGC (benchtop 28L) and LabSci 15L + WS (free-standing 85L) models offer pre-post vacuum sterilization.

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