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Refurbished Tuttnauer Elara11 Class B Pre Post Vacuum Autoclave

Refurbished Tuttnauer Elara11

Price: $5,999.00

Product Code: RTELARA

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Refurbished Tuttnauer Elara 11 Class B Pre Post Vacuum Autoclave

STERILIZE N95 FACE MASKS - Read the Efficacy Study
The Elara 11 is being used to sterilize face masks during the COVID-19 shortage around the globe. This cycle is a Pre Post Vac 250 degree delicate cycle 20 minutes sterilization with a 10 minute dry time. This protocol is only to be used on closed door drying units as to not expose to outside bacteria or compromise the sterility of the masks.

The Tuttnauer Elara 11 is a great option to protect your healthcare workers during the COVID-19 shortage and beyond. Tuttnauer Elara 11 can be used to sterilize surgical instruments or as a back-up sterilizer.

WARRANTY: 6 months parts and labor

Designed for sterilization of wrapped, porous and hollow loads. The chamber volume is large, external dimensions are small, making it especially suitable for smaller clinics requiring a high turnover. The control system is smart and intuitive, easy to use and has a large memory for consistent and reliable performance.

Pre-vacuum phase efficiently removes air, resulting in the full penetration of steam into wrapped, porous and hollow loads. The post-vacuum drying phase ensures complete drying of wrapped porous loads and hollow instruments. This guarantees that even the most difficult loads will easily reach Sterility Assurance Level (SAL).
The Elara11 offers 4 FDA cleared sterilization programs and 2 test programs, which are the Vacuum Test and the Bowie Dick Test.

  • Large 7.5 Gallon chamber within a small foot print. A perfect fit for standard 24 inch shelves or counters
  • Provided with 5 stainless steel trays and can also hold cassettes
  • Water filling from the front economizes on office space by eliminating the need to keep the top of the autoclave accessible

  • Short cycle and high volume pre and post vacuum pump for perfect class B sterilization results
  • 316L grade stainless steel chamber and door with electro-polish finish
  • A built-in steam generator provides steam and facilitates a standby steam mode
  • The door closes smoothly and locks automatically

Safety Features:
  • A cycle will not start unless the door is properly locked
  • An automated double locking safety device prevents the door from opening while the chamber is pressurized
  • An automatic safety shut-off prevents overheating of the chamber
  • The autoclave comes with safety pressure-release valves for the chamber and generator

Replacement Tray Set for Elara 11, EZ11Plus Drain Hose for Tuttnauer EZPlus / Elara Duraclean Autoclave Cleaner Door Gasket for Tuttnauer Elara11
Price: $194.20

Price: $17.49

Price: $60.00

Price: $161.78

replacement-tray-set-for-elara-11-ez11plus Drain Hose for Tuttnauer EZPlus / Elara Duraclean Autoclave Cleaner Door Gasket for Tuttnauer Elara11

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