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Tuttnauer Chamber Brite Autoclave Cleaner - 10 Pack/Box

Chamber Brite Autoclave Cleaner
Price: $75.00
10 packets/box

Product Code: C-SCCHBR

Description Literature
Tuttnauer Chamber Brite Autoclave Cleaner - 10 Pack/Box

Tuttnauer OEM # CB0010

  • Chamber Brite by Tuttnauer, Made in USA, Powder Autoclave Cleaner
  • Pre-measured packets for easy use
  • Effectively cleans and descales the chamber, reservoir and tubing of most steam autoclaves
  • For best results, clean autoclave every 20-25 cycles

TIP FROM DURALINE's CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS: This product is best used when alternated with a concentrate cleaner such as DURACLEAN. Chamber Brite does an excellent job cleaning the autoclave chamber but the powder may get caught in the reservoir over time. Duraline's experts recommend you alternate the powder with a liquid solution every month when you do your regular autoclave cleaning.

Tuttnauer Autoclave Cleaner Chamber Brite is recommended for use in Dental Autoclaves, Laboratory Autoclaves, Medical Autoclaves, Pharmaceutical Autoclaves and more.

How To Use Tuttnauer Chamber Brite: Simply sprinkle powder in chamber, run a cycle "with water and no drying cycle," drain solution from autoclave reservoir and discard. Fill reservoir and run two more of the same cycles, draining inbetween. Wipe inside of chamber and fill reservoir with distilled water and the sterilizer is ready to be use. Please see back of Tuttnauer Chamber Brite box for detailed instructions before using.

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