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Once-A-Day® Bowie-Dick Test-Pak™ (For use at 273.5°F/134°C using a 3.5 min exposure time), 30 per case

Once-A-Day® Bowie-Dick Test-Pak™  (For use at 273.5°F/134°C using a 3.5 min exposure time), 30 per case

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Once-A-Day® Bowie-Dick Test-Pak™ (For use at 273.5°F/134°C using a 3.5 min exposure time), 30 per case.

This Once-A-Day® product is a traditional pre-assembled bowie-dick test with white-to-black color changing monitoring for sterilization. Used to ensure adequate air removal in dynamic-air-removal-steam sterilizers. Once-A-Day® Test-Pak™ detects low temperature/pressure conditions, wet & superheated steam.

For use at 273.5°F/134°C using a 3.5 min exposure time

Features & Benefits:
  • Pre-assembled single-use Bowie-Dick test pack eliminates the need to assemble a test pack.
  • Distinct color change (white to black) indicates effective steam penetration.
  • Write load information directly onto the test sheet after processing to simply record keeping.
  • Lot Number and Expiration Date printed on each pack to increase traceability.

How It Works:
Bowie-Dick test packs provide a challenge for pre-vacuum sterilizers (270-276°F) at the start of each day, or after routine or other maintenance. Place the test pack in an otherwise empty sterilizer, near the drain. The pack consists of a series of air removal and steam penetration barriers and a chemical indicator at the center of each pack. There is also a process indicator on the outermost barrier (box) to allow for quick differentiation between processed and unprocessed test packs.

Storage Conditions: 15°-32°C (59°-90°F) 30-70% Relative Humidity


1. Bring sterilizer chamber up to operating temperature.
2. Place a pre-assembled disposable Once-A-Day® test pack in the horizontal position on the lowest shelf (above the drain) of the empty sterilizer. (The Bowie & Dick protocol* requires that only the test pack may be in the sterilizer during the test).
3. Run a regular sterilization cycle - but limit the exposure time to 3½ minutes at 270-276°F,132-135°C). If half minute exposures cannot be selected on the sterilizer, a 4-minute exposure time may be used. Under no circumstances should the test exceed 4 minutes. Longer exposure invalidates the test.
4. In the interest of saving time, the drying phase may be omitted. After the test, remove the pack from the autoclave. Caution: Pack maybe be hot.
5. Open the pack. Remove the test sheet by pulling on the protruding edge of the test sheet. Interpret the result.
6. The presence of an area where the indicating ink has not yet changed to black is a possible indication of a failure. The color of the incompletely changed area may be dark brown, light brown, or the original white color of the unprocessed indicator ink.
7. Overexposure caused by excessive temperature, time, or both will cause the black endpoint color to shift to an overall gray tone. Since the test requires the appropriate exposure conditions, a test resulting in an overexposure is invalid and must be repeated with correct exposure conditions. (If an indication of overexposure is observed when the correct exposure time is used, the temperature adjustment on the sterilizer may not be accurately calibrated and may require the attention of a qualified mechanic). The appearance of shiny grayish areas is a sign of "wet steam," a condition which requires careful attention to drying of sterilized packages. This condition should be eliminated.
8. The date, the sterilizer number, and the operator's initials can be entered on the Once-A-Day® test sheet following the test. File the exposed test sheet with the appropriate records for that sterilizer.
9. Any result other than a pass must immediately be brought to the attention of the supervisor who will determine whether or not the sterilizer can be used that day, or if it must be shut down until repaired.
10. Discard rest of the unit.

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