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MetriTest Strips 1.5% by Metrex Research

Metrex MetriTest Strips
Price: $219.00

Product Code: C-MC14-TEST

MetriTest 14-Day GTA 1.5% Test Strips

Quality Control: Test Effectiveness of High-Level Disinfectants and Sterilants

MetriCide® 14 must maintain the minimum effective concentration (MEC) level of 1.5% glutaraldehyde or greater during the 14-day use life to effectively sterilize and high-level disinfect.

1.5% Indicator Strips, 60/bottle, 2 bottles/bx

For use in: MetriCide® 14 Day Disinfectant Solution

It is recommended to test the glutaraldehyde solution prior to each use to prevent healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). Protect patients and healthcare organizations from painful, timely and costly consequences of HAIs by implementing precautionary protocols including test strips prior to reprocessing.