DuraCleanse Temperature Check and Hand Sanitizing Stations
Health and Safety Monitoring

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Excellent item to have in a retail shop with the current situation, as it is able to measure temperature and give hand gel- all without any touch!"

By Julia Long     

"Stand is sleek and thin. Doesn't obstruct walking."

By Adam Callaway     

Amazing product! Patients are very impressed with it and my staff feels much safer not having to take the patients' temps during this pandemic!

Dr. David Smith     

Hands-Free Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers

You can save time and money with DuraCleanse Dispensers, manufactured by Duraline Systems, Inc.

If your dispenser leaks onto the floor, needs to be refilled frequently or releases too much hand sanitizer then you have come to the right place! This no-contact sanitizer dispenser is the solution to your problems!

Product Features

Temperature Check and Sanitizer Station is Simple & Easy to Use

The thermometer checks up to 50 people a minute with no contact.

Hand Sanitizer is Easy to Refill with Any Soap

Compatible with hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer gel. We suggest using AeroCleanse Hand Sanitizer Gel.

Heavy-Duty Rust Proof Stand

The Durable Station is rust-proof and is made of powder-coated aluminum with a steel base. This makes it hard to knock over!

No Contact.

No Contamination.

With a simple installation, this all-in-one station is what you have been waiting for!

Create a Safer Workspace for your Employees

By investing in the DuraCleanse Temperature Check and Hand Sanitizing Station, your employees will be at less risk of catching a germ by being close to the customers. Businesses will benefit from this station because they won't need to pay for an employee standing in front of the doors and doing the temperature checks manually for hours on end. For large companies that have multiple entrances, this labor cost quickly multiplies and it’s unnecessary. The handheld thermometers do not have the accuracy and speed that the NWFTK3-PRO is able to offer. Finally, these stations offer a quick automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that has no contact with hands. The actual hand sanitizer pump can get very dirty but this all-in-one station prevents that from happening.

Product Options

Heavy-Duty Steel Stand

Heavy-Duty Steel Stand, For Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, with 14 lb. base, white powder-coated, 48" high

Adjustable stainless steel mount for Thermometer

Health Check Stand for Temperature Monitoring, with 14 lb. base, white powder-coated, Adjusts up to 70” high

Hand sanitizer / Thermometer stand, with 24” adj. pole mount for forehead thermometer and hand sanitizer.