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Halyard AQUASOFT Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves

AQUASOFT Gloves unique nitrile formulation offers comfort and tactile sensitivity comparable to latex without the risk of latex skin irritation and allergies. AQUASOFT Gloves are thinner than typical nitrile gloves. That means they take up less storage space (each box contains 300 gloves) and they generate less waste. Due to global shortages manufacturer prices have increased. For more affordable options, Duraline recommends Prince Premium+ Nitrile Examination Gloves.

Item # Description Qty/Box Mfr Code Price per Box Price per Case
G-HAN-XS X-Small 300/box, 10 boxes/case 43932 $72.00 $695.00
G-HAN-S Small 300/box, 10 boxes/case 43933 $72.00 $695.00
G-HAN-M Medium 300/box, 10 boxes/case 43934 $72.00 $695.00
G-HAN-L Large 300/box, 10 boxes/case 43935 $72.00 $695.00
G-HAN-XL X-Large 250/box, 10 boxes/case 43936 $72.00 $695.00