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Step 1:

Unplug or turn off your sterilizer. VERY IMPORTANT.

NOTE:It is important that the SteriData is kept 3-4 inches away from the front of the sterilizer to prevent steam damage. The one-year warranty will not cover a unit that has been damaged by steam.

Step 2:

Lift the access cover on the top of the sterilizer. Pull out the printer connector and plug it into the SteriData. Replace the cover.

Step 3:

Turn your sterilizer back on. The SteriData is now ready to record. See reverse side for the SD Card instructions.



DO NOT remove the SD card during a sterilization cycle.

Wait for the cycle to complete before removing the SD Card. The SD card has already been formatted for your computer and the SteriData comes with the date and time pre-set for your time zone. Daylight savings is not included; therefore, your saved files always appear in Standard Time (UTC). If you don’t have a SD slot in your computer you can obtain one at your local department/electronics store. Its called a USB to SD card reader.

To read/print your files insert the SD card in to any computer and click on the folder that shows up. Click on the year, then the month, and you will see your data cycles as individual text files. Open the text file and you can print it from here.

We strongly recommend that you copy the files from the SD card to a computer monthly. You do not need to delete the files from the SD card.

Important: Please do not pull out the SD Card before safely ejecting it. This is very important as the memory card can be corrupted and the information stored on the card may become unreadable.


Sterilizer Serial Number
(Maximum of 9 characters)

1. Press in on the SD Card on the SteriData to remove it.

2. Insert it into your computer.

3. Open the folder to view the file that is marked “DL-05”.

4. Open “Notepad” on your computer

5. Type your sterilizer’s serial number in Notepad (V)

6. Click “ File > Save As >

7. Save file name as: “sin.cfg” (all small letters)

8. Save as type: “All Files”

9. Save it to the DL-05 folder

Doctor OR Practice Name (Maximum of 20 characters)

Follow above instructions 1-6

7. Save file name as: “drname.cfg” (all small letters)

8. Save as type: “All Files”

9. Save it to the DL-05 folder

After files are both saved to the SD card, safely eject the SD card from the computer and insert it back into the SteriData Logger. Push the card in unitl you hear a click. Unplug the sterilizer from the wall and wait for 30 seconds then plug it back in. This will reset the SteriData with the Doctor/Practice and serial number.

PLEASE NOTE: If you make an error, you can only do this procedure twice.

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