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Hepa Filter for T-Edge autoclave, Tuttnauer 175-0170

Hepa Filter for T-Edge autoclave, Tuttnauer 175-0170
Price: $33.56

Product Code: T0569

Hepa autoclave filter for T-Edge steam autoclave

This filter is manufactured by Tuttnauer OEM #175-0170

It fits the following automatic tabletop autoclave models:
Tuttnauer T-Edge 10S
Tuttnauer T-Edge 10B
Tuttnauer T-Edge 11S
Tuttnauer T-Edge 11B

How to Replace the autoclave filter:

Before proceeding, make sure that the electric cord is disconnected and there is no pressure in the chamber. Use scissors to open the filter bag and not sharp blades or pointed instrument. Check that the new filter has not exceeded the maximum shelf life. Carefully un-pack the new filter and examine it for any signs of damage. Remove any protective packaging before inserting the filter into place. Carefully Insert the new filter into the housing. Do not force. The AIR filter is located under the mounted under the cover (see below).

1. Unscrew the filter (see below).

2. Disconnect the pipe.
3. Connect the new filter.
4. Screw in the new filter.
5. Ensure the new filter is all the way in and seated properly.

Note: make sure that the arrow on the filter body points inwards, toward the chamber. Make sure that you don’t bend the filter pipe when reattaching it.
Note: It is recommended to replace the air filter every 6 months or after 1000 cycles (whichever is the shorter period).

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