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"Standard precaution regarding environmental disinfection for 2019-nCoV requires the use of an EPA-approved hospital disinfectant.3 CaviWipes Bleach, CaviWipes1, and CaviCide1 also the meet EPA’s emerging viral pathogens guidance for 2019-nCoV. They have demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to 2019-nCoV on hard-nonporous surfaces. Therefore, they can be used against 2019-nCoV when used in accordance with the directions for use against Adenovirus type 2." Read More about Environmental Disinfection and Hand Hygiene on the Metrex news website.*

Tip: Clean before disinfecting. Print the Surface Disinfection User Guide and post it on the wall.

What is the difference between CaviWipes and CaviWipes1?
CaviWipes1 (developed second) have 1 minute kill time while CaviWipes (the original) has 3 minutes kill time. However, some offices do not prefer to use CaviWipes1 because the higher alcohol content may damage certain countertops. Both CaviWipes and CaviWipes1 are bleach-free and fragrance-free.

When using surface disinfection wipes, be sure to Disinfect AFTER Cleaning, not just while cleaning. If there is gross debris on the surface, use a wipe to pre-clean and remove all bacteria and debris. Dispoe of the wipe and then use a new, fresh wipe to disinfect the surface now that's clean.

Tip: Pull out wipes in canisters by pulling straight up and then tear at a 90 degree angle. This will result in a quick, clean tear on your wipe.

Download the FREE Surface Disinfection Poster for your staff.

*For additional information, refer to the CDC website at:

Due to the CoVid-19 shortage we are currently out of stock of certain items. We are getting new deliveries every day. Please sign-up for alerts and we will notify you when these products are back in stock. CaviCide 55 gallon drum Metrex 13-1055 is in stock. It takes 14 days to ship.