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Duraline systems offers a number of Steri-Dent dry heat sterilizers including the Steri-Dent 200, Steri-Dent 300, SteriSure 2100 and the SteriSure 3100. Dry heat sterilizers work an as excellent addition or alternative to an autoclave.

Dry Heat Sterilization Benefits

Unlike wet heat methods of sterilization such as steam sterilization, Steri-Dent Dry Heat Sterilizers require no routine cleaning, making them a low maintenance and upkeep form of sterilization. Steri-Dent sterilizers also come equipped with automatic timers that are able to hold certain heat levels for continuous sterilization use in a busy environment. These sterilizers are the perfect backup to an autoclave as they offer a number of alternative solutions, including being able to sterilize sharp instruments without dulling blades.