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Cox Rapid Heat - High-Velocity Hot Air Sterilizers

Here at Duraline Systems we proudly offers a wide variety of both new and refurbished Cox brand dry heat sterilizers as well as a number of Cox sterilizer accessories and parts. If you have any questions about our hot air sterilizers, or any other products, please Contact Us and one of our sterilizer experts will help you right away.

Cox Dry Heat Sterilization Cycles

The Cox dry heat sterilizer lines offers a number of advantages in their sterilization cycles. Cox dry heat sterilizers utilize dry heat rather than steam and pressure to sterilize tools and equipment. This helps to prevent your instruments from corroding, dulling, or pitting. These sterilizers also have 3 sterilization cycles: 6 minute cycles for unwrapped instruments, 8 minute cycles for hand pieces and medical drills, and 12 minute cycles for packaged instruments. The fast turn around time of cycles, combined with extending the lifetime of your instruments, make these dry heat sterilizers a great investment.